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    Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Three on a bike
Disparity of abode
The selfridges building birmingham
Quack quack
Kenyan mongoose
Smoke in flight
Red on white
Easter carousal
Mevagissey firework display
Tram lines budapest
The souks of marrakech
Burry port lighthouse
House of the nation budapest
A lightbulb moment
Grass in the wind
Call me maybe
Winter wonderland
Look up to trees
The house fly
Waterside heron
The cabin
Wood work
Temple expiatori de la sagrada familia
Brecon waterfall
Lee bay devon
White cliffs
Deck chairs
Hanging out to dry
Islas baleares
Farm silos
Minorcan fishing village
Dawning luminosity
Paddy field thailand
Clevedon pier
Moroccan pigments