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Winter wonderland

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    Camera: Canon EOS 450D
London hackney carriage taxi
A loyal friend
Amongst the tall grass
Soft focus forest
Temple expiatori de la sagrada familia
Surrealism at the seaside
Forbidden city bronze dragon
Grass in the wind
Hong kong skyline
Moon landing
Glastonbury floods
Red on white
Horny bovine
Mountain goats
Rural drive
Hanging out to dry
Disparity of abode
Postcard from london
Wedding party
Vacant subway
Fishermans bastion at night
Bristol bearpit graffiti
British weather
Bumble bee
Union jack
House of the nation budapest
Mans best friend
Stourhead honeyed scattering
Quack quack
Salt and pepper
Felix the farm cat
The carpet seller marrakech
Beach hut in estepona spain