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View from the valleys

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    Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Wild purple flower
Wedding bouquet
The hall of supreme harmony
Market stalls marrakech
Garden gate
Quack quack
Rural drive
Hm coastguard helicopter
The newspaper seller
Maldives island
House of the nation budapest
Uno the office cat
Golden retriever puppy
Easter treats
Stringing lights
Beachfront carousel
Phang nga bay
Stepping stones
Put it in the calendar
Footprints in the sand
A loyal friend
Blue daisy
Call me maybe
Moonlit oak
Trafalgar square fountain
Grass in the wind
Trinity college oxford
Moonlit menorcan cove
Temple expiatori de la sagrada familia
Oxford new college quadrangle
Three on a bike
The great wall of china
Rocket thrusters
New college oxford