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Venetian time lapse

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    Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Yule log
Dreamy winter bokeh
Ready for the feast
Rocket thrusters
Forbidden city beijing
Power lines
Time to cook
Royal wedding hay balcony scene
Menorcan dancing horses
Statue in pyongyang north korea
Coastal handbag
Coastal vista
The rectangle of gold milan
The great rift valley kenya
Tram lines budapest
Nectar raid
The lone surfer
Hot wings
Sunset colosseum
Standing among giants
A shroud of mist
Winter wonderland
Easter treats
Horny bovine
Smoke in flight
Glastonbury floods
Wind turbines
Mountain goats
Lorenzo the flying frenchman
Moonlit menorcan cove
Summer solstice at stonehenge
Deck chairs
White cliffs
Salisbury cathedral