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Summer hay bales

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    Camera: Canon EOS 40D
View from the restaurant marrakech
View from a maldives beach
Burry port lighthouse
Kenyan mongoose
Bokeh coffee
Dazzling display
Coastal handbag
The lone surfer
Felix the farm cat
Mountain goats
Virescent woods
The hungarian parliament building at night
Iceland ice
Grand central shopping centre
Red on white
Forbidden city bronze dragon
Holly in film
Farm silos
Ready for the feast
Rhino queue
Deck chairs
English woodlands
Seaside rescue
The great wall of china
New college oxford
Hanging out to dry
Islas baleares
The firework
Brecon waterfall
Dawning luminosity
Gold hill shaftesbury
Golden retriever puppy
Maldives island
Menorcan dancing horses