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    Camera: Canon EOS 40D
Looking up
Moroccan pigments
Paddy field thailand
Standing among giants
Paradise in estepona spain
Statue in pyongyang north korea
Red headed agama lizard
Market stalls marrakech
Holstein friesian cow
Amongst the tall grass
A winters day at croyde bay
The american flag
The great wall of china
Five dragon pavilions beihai park
Paddy field sunrise thailand
Khai nok island
The carpet seller marrakech
Dazzling display
Uno the office cat
Bumble bee
Call me maybe
English woodlands
View from glastonbury tor
Forbidden city bronze dragon
Colouring in
Consulting the guide book
London protests
Man o war bay
Lee bay devon
An endless mara view
House of the nation budapest
Baby fawn
Grass in the wind
The limpidity of es grau
Easter treats