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Easter carousal

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    Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Easter carousal
Diving cylinders
Snow covered track
Farm silos
Inside the library of birmingham
Wood work
Dawning luminosity
Uno the office cat
Standing among giants
The house fly
Red on white
Cottages on goldhill shaftesbury
Palm paradise
Easter treats
Forbidden city bronze dragon
Temple expiatori de la sagrada familia
Brecon waterfall
Snowy snowscape
Summer hay bales
Moonlit oak
A lightbulb moment
The hall of supreme harmony
The firework
Stourhead honeyed scattering
An endless mara view
Birmingham abstract
Moroccan spices
Coastal soft focus
Stairway to heaven
Trafalgar square fountain
Stack of plates
Waterlogged rugby pitch
Evening light
Imposing eyes